How to Change a Room's Mood

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to update a room is to change the wall's colors. Painting and applying wall paper can be done in a few hours and can drastically change the feel of a room. One of the most important decisions when making the change is to choose a color. Colors inherently affect our mood and feelings. Look at the logos of popular businesses, those businesses chose their colors to incite a reaction from customers. Interestingly, the same thing can be done with a room!

Every color impacts us differently and a great website to learn more about this can be found here:  Warm colors like red provide us with energy and passion while cool colors such as blue and green are calming.  Neutral colors are great to use as backgrounds and can neutralize feelings associated with the colors.  There is no coincidence many homes are originally painted neutral to disassociate any feelings we many have based on the color of a room.

So how can you use this information to change a rooms mood? Living rooms and foyers can be painted with warm colors to provide people with energy to spark conversation.  When warm colors are mixed with neutral colors in these areas they can have a dramatic affect on the overall emotions.  Contrarily, a kitchen with warm colors can make people spend extra time in the kitchen and have been proven to stimulate appetite which may not be the best idea if you are watching your weight! (Side Note: Remember what I said about business logo colors? McDonald's uses red to entice people to eat there!)  Bed rooms are an interesting topic of room color.  If you want a calming space free of distraction, choose cooler colors. My son painted his room blue and has many brown wooden furniture pieces.  The room gives him a place to relax and unwind and he attributes this to the color choices.  

Regardless of the room, consideration should be made as to its intent of use.  Every room has a potential to create emotion through the use of colors.  If you're not sold on changing a rooms color or you would prefer to keep your walls neutral try putting accent pieces or paintings in a room with color based  on the emotion you would like to create.  Do you have a living room with neutral walls that feels a little dead? Try adding a picture with warm colors or a lamp with a red base.  Want a bedroom to relax in?  Add pictures of nature such as prairies or oceans or accessories with cooler colors.  

Interested in changing your room's mood? We want to help! We won't do the painting but we'd be glad to help you decide on a color based on your needs.  After you have updated your colors we have the perfect pieces to finish your new room.  If you are already set on your colors we have the perfect pieces to help create emotion or give your room a new look or feel.  Stop by and see us soon, we are here to help!

Your friend,

- N