What's Your Style?

People have a variety of styles depending on the layout of their home or the mood they want a room to convey.  Finding the right pieces to project your style can be a daunting task.  Style can mean different things to different people.  Some people think of style in an architectural-sense such as minimalism or mid century modern.  Others view their style as a combination of colors and prints like the animal prints that have become so popular.  Furthermore, some people have a style all of their own that is not defined by conventional interior decorators.

Stores often focus on one type of style or may have a variety of styles but not enough pieces of one particular style to fill a room.  This can leave you running from store to store or waiting to find the right pieces to finish your space.  Consignment 201, takes away much of the waiting and guess work by stocking a variety of merchandise representing many different styles.  We really do have something for everyone, whether it be a statement dining table to "WOW" your guests or a cozy chair to snuggle into on a cool fall day.  Whatever your style, Consignment 201 has the pieces for you.

Your Friend,

- N